About Spirits of Alchemy

We can't actually take you places. But we can sure as hell try.

Spirit is the disposition of the mind, the general inclination, impulse, temperament, and prevailing tone of someone or something. Spirit is a feeling — a vibe. Alchemy is the former, taken one step further: a seemingly magical process of transformation, combination, and mutability. Alchemy is science. Creation. Together they are Spirits of Alchemy. Cocktail mixers that bond science and soul to create transformative personal experience. Mixers that send you somewhere.

Spirits of Alchemy Logo

We take you places. Metaphorically, suppositionally, literarily, probably (definitely)...and on paper. One sip of a cocktail made with Spirits of Alchemy mixers and YOU — the accumulation of all your senses — transforms, transports, and transcends. We give you: relaxation at your fingertips. Escape within arm’s reach. A night of luxury — light on your skin. Chic fingers of nostalgic romance intertwined with yours. The breath of passion hot on your neck. A personal concert — a symphony of power. A destination in the palm of your hand.